Island SOS's

Over the last few weeks we have been collecting responses to our provocation. We are not an island - here are just a few:

IMG_6040 2.jpg
IMG_6035 2.jpg
IMG_6039 2.jpg

Double Success! We are not an Island.

The Poly has been successful in being awarded 2 grants for 'We are not an Island' - one from The British Council International artist development fund and the other Making Ways Sheffield. Combined these enable us to take the YOU ME WE poster project to Venice, work with a range of Venetians, produce new work and exhibitions, be part of a symposium at Ca'Foscari university, bring a Venetian artist back to the UK to make work, do a projection in Sheffield and develop a pan European Audience for our work. We are excitied, happy and pleased to be building our practice beyond these shores, but also supporting artist making and networking in both the UK and Italy.


Planet B - some photos

We had a great time last week in West Raven meeting and talking and making posters with locals. Here are some shots from sessions, ad-hoc exhibitions and a few from the Saturday night projection in Catherdral square.

There Is No Wealth But Life.

In 1862 John Ruskin published Unto this Last.

In it he raged against the destruction caused by industrialisation.

He called for people of the world to start behaving

In a way that valued our planet and our humanity.

150 years later we still inhabit precarious times

We have been commissioned By Peterborough Environmental City Trust [PECT] and METAL for thePLANET B festival. We are setting up and runing our Radical Print Workshop - YOU ME WE. Starting on July 29th and finishing Aug 11th, we aim to work with different groups and ask the question: What is of value now? Inspired as ever by Ruskin we hope to have interesting conversations, create minimally 40 prints and project twice on city centre buildings.