William's blog post.

We are really happy one of the students from King Edwards has written about his visit to Never-Land and we share a link here


Poster archive on Film

Making Ways Sheffield has supported us to document the entire archive of posters made across several projects. We think it makes for interesting combinations and meanings when watched as a short film.

New commission fo Yorkshire Artspace


We are really pleased to be commissioned by Yorkshire Artpspace for our new project. Never-Land.

Never-Land - Sheffield is a fictional nowhere, imagined for this project. Its ambition is to ask young people what Europe will be like in 200 years. Never-Land- Sheffield is the initial and catalysing part of a 3-stage project with confirmed multiple partners Leicester Print Works and Ca’Forscari University and Liceo Guggenhiem School, Venice. Our proposa for Yorkshire Artspace includes a 6-week gallery takeover featuring debate, making and large-scale window based interventions. Working intensively with a cohort of 16-18 year olds from across the city Never-Land-Sheffield will bring diverse participants and audiences together to consider what a positive future could look like.